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Q: How can I get help with the on-line system?
A: Call the toll-free tech support hotline whose number is 800-817-5977. The hotline is staffed 12 hrs a day.

Q: What happens to my entry fee if my team is not accepted?
A: Your entry fees are refunded if you are not accepted into the tournament. If you paid by cashier's check or by credit card, you will receive a refund check in the mail.

Q: I can wait and pay the tournament application fee after I am accepted, can't I?
A: No. The Tournament Competition Committee will only consider your application for acceptance after the payment has been received.

Q: Since I was only a day late with my application, you will take our team anyway since it is a really good one, right?
A: No, we do not accept applications from teams who are late. Your team will be placed on a wait list and subject to an additional late fee of $25.

Q: What are the Tournament Rules?
A: See Below:

2008 CFC CUP Tournament Rules

The CFC CUP Tournament Committee would like to take this opportunity to welcome the players, coaches, referees, parents and friends to our 5th CFC Cup Tournament.
In the next few paragraphs, we would like to explain to each of you the special information and rules of our tournament.

Boys & Girls U-09 and U-10 will play 20-minute halves.
Boys & Girls U-11 thru U-14 will play 25-minute halves.
Boys & Girls U-15 thru U-19 will play 30-minute halves.
All games will have 5 minutes between halves.
The Finals shall be regulation time for each age group.
Any Game that determines if a team moves onto the next round cannot end in a tie and will be decided by F.I.F.A. penalty kicks immediately following the game. All Championship games that end in a tie will be decided by F.I.F.A. penalty kicks.

The following 3-point system will be used for standings:
Win - 3 points
Tie - 1 point
Loss - 0 point

If team in-group play forfeits, all scores in that group will revert to 1- 0 scores. Points accumulated during Saturday's games and Sunday Morning's games are to determine the seeding for Semi-Finals or Finals.

Five levels of tie breaking will be employed to resolve ties in Standings:
1. Head to Head competition.
2. Goal Differential, (Goals scored minus goals allowed to a maximum differential of 4 per game).
3. Goals scored, maximum of four goals per game
4. Goals allowed, maximum of four goals per game
5. F.I.F.A. kicks from penalty spot

CYSA-S State Cup substitution rules will apply. A player receiving a Caution (yellow card) may be substituted for at that time.

1. A player wearing an orthopedic cast or hard brace device will not be allowed to play; no exceptions.
2. Player cards will be re-checked 30 minutes before each game by the Field Marshall.
3. Loan Players: A maximum of 3 loan players will be allowed. You can carry a roster of eighteen (18) players except U-09 and U-10, which can carry fourteen (14).
4. Home team is the team listed first. Home team has choice of side. Home team must change if the Referee determines there is a color conflict of uniforms.

All player/coach shown a RED CARD will be suspended for the next game (and could be suspended for the remainder of tournament) depending on severity of red card. No protests can or will be accepted. All games will have a 5-minute grace period; failure to start on time will result in forfeiture. All cards will be reported to the state office and the respective home league. Any players caught in the swimming pools at the High School facilities, will be immediately suspended from The Tournament.

Each player and coach will receive a CFC Tournament Pin. Medals,T-shirts and a Team Trophy will be awarded to the players and coaches of the champion teams and a trophy ,medals for second place teams.

Cancellations prior to the July 27, 2008 deadline will be subject to a $150 processing fee. Cancellations must be made in writing, no phone calls or emails will be accepted for cancellations. Cancellations after the July 27, 2008 deadline will forfeit all tournament fees and not receive any refund.

You may use player cards for the playing years of 2007-2008 or 2008-2009. We will accept a mixture of years, permanent cards only that are stamped, signed and laminated. NO TEMPORARY PLAYER PASSES ACCEPTED. 

Age brackets will be based upon DOB as of Aug. 1, 2008.  If your team is, for example, U-13 now in 2007-2008, be sure your application "Flight Preference" selected is U-14 for the tournament.

Our best wishes to all the teams participating and may you enjoy and play your games in the true Spirit of Soccer!

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